The following terms & conditions will apply to Vouchers, using Voucher across the Zago Vietnam showrooms.

1. Type of Voucher & duration of Voucher

– Type of voucher: Discount Voucher

– Duration: 1 year from the date of issuance, and can be redeemed at any Zago showrooms within Vietnam.

2. Preferential rate & methods of application

– For each Voucher be used, the Customer will receive a direct discount equal to the exact amount or discount rate stated on the Voucher on the total value of the order (retail price always includes 10% VAT).

– Voucher is applicable for all products at Zago Vietnam showrooms; except Dong Gia products & Yankee Candle Products.

– Not applicable for online orders.

3. Conditions of using Voucher 

– Voucher is valid for a single transaction only. Vouchers cannot be combined and can be used one time only.

– Voucher cannot be cumulated to any other partnership promotion contract, brokerage contract.

– Voucher is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full.

– Strictly no extension of the expiry date after the issue date, except for some force majeure cases as prescribed by Zago (such as epidemics).

– With E-voucher, please kindly protect your Voucher code by not sharing it with anyone, if you do not intend to transfer the ownership.

– We are not responsible if a Voucher or Voucher code is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed. There will be no replacement will be provided in these circumstances.

– Zago retains the right to reject any voucher or voucher code that has been invalid, tampered with, or found in any way unacceptable (altered or damaged).

– Voucher does not apply to all purchase orders that are scheduled before, or on the issue date.

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